Make sure you have read “Killer Ideas.”

Make a list of five ideas for short stories (or books) that excite you. Yes, you can use one of those in the last assignment.

Take one of those ideas and write a chapter outline. (see pg 3 for my work)

If you have time expand on the chapter outlines so you will remember specifics you want to include.

Also if you have time , begin your first chapter. A chapter should be approximately 25 pages (give or take a few pages, LOL!) or about 7,500 words (again give or take a few dozen).

Check each other’s blogs. Comment on stories posted.

Please note that the group has decided to work with GBG Publishing in creating an author’s Prompt Deck. So bring in prompts, either descriptive, photographic, or drawings. Also be thinking of a better name for the deck than the In 750 Words or Less, that I came up with.