Rock-a-bye children,

In a hollow tree.

A perfect hiding place,

For you and for me.


When the hoot owl laughs,

at the things he sees,

That is when I know,

To find the rock-a-bye tree.


In the rock-a-bye tree,

Is the story of the elf, you see.

Watching and waiting,

For you and for me.


The rock-a-bye elf,

Tells stories new and old,

And lends magic’s sparkle,

to each tale that’s told.


Flowers and princesses,

And trees growing tall,

And everyday people,

Are the most awesome of all.


The fireman who opened the hydrant,

So that all could play,

In the sparkling water’s mists,

On a hot summer’s day.


The builders who came,

To the vacant lot last month,

And built up a playhouse,

from a pile of old junk.


And the lady down the street,

With such pretty flowers to see,

Also bakes great cookies,

just for you and for me.


And when the night time draws,

Its covers down tight,

When mom kisses your forehead,

And Dad says goodnight.


That rock-a-bye tree waits,

For you and for me,

with the story elf,

and all those stories that gleam.