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The Jellyfish Nebula

One hundred years of space exploration have passed and mankind finally realizes the truth. We are the only sapient species in our galaxy. Tales of alien beings with great knowledge, coming to save us from ourselves, have been greatly exaggerated. Earth Federation President Hau Ling must make a choice. Can she bring Earth into a new age of understanding so they can become the very beings they had hoped to find? Or will Earth try to destroy itself in a new struggle for dominance and power?

The Iguaçu Star

Intua was hired by Earth Federation President Hau Ling to take the first sleeper colonists from Earth to a planet rotating around the Iguaçu star, or so he thought. The  trip should have been uneventful. But, an unexpected discovery finds him looking for truths and examining his wholeness and waking the president from her sleeping status to face a tribunal for what she has done.

The Gegenschein Doorway

President Hau Ling  discovers Iguaçu, a perfect planet with perfect weather, lush vegetation and the perfect amount of water. The trouble is…. there are no animals! Then the exploration teams begin disappearing. The struggle to find answers before the recall has everyone on edge.