Sinking into my grandmother’s feather bed and feeling the mattress puff up around my body caressing my skin with an occasional poke from a brittle quill end.

The touch of the cool cotton sheets on a warm summer night.

The weight of a quilt enveloping warmth around me on cold winter nights.

A candle flickering in its base with a lantern globe covering it sending shadows flickering on the wall.

The sound of rain on a tin roof in the middle of the night.

A full moon shining through a window onto the floor keeping the cat busy with dancing dust motes.

The pungent smell of baking yeast bread early in the morning and the taste of sweet butter taming the sharp tang of the yeast in the bread. The contrast of the crunchy crust and still warm soft center of the fresh bread.

The satiny feel of the water against my skin and the smell of fresh air at a swimming pond in contrast with the tingle and acrid scent of pool water.

I could go on….  I am throwing out a challenge to all the Rough Writers group. Write about eight memories involving the senses: touch, smell, hearing, taste, sight and emotion.