We will have a guest speaker on the 14th of June. This is an author of 12 books and a comic book that was published for over a year.

The subject will be a beginner’s guide to organizing a story.

Please make sure you bring a notebook and pencils to take notes with and to write to each class. Also bring your assignments and any work that you have been doing. We’d like to hear it!

I’d also like to see your bios at some point. (assignment months ago) Perhaps you want to rewrite  it or add a favorite photo of yourself.

What ever you want to do, please add the following:

1. Genre that you like to write in. This can be more than one if you want.

2. Your goals (short stories for magazines, a book, poetry or even just a family history!

Remember that these meetings are supposed to be fun and a learning experience. To be a writer you must write and our goal is to share information with you and to get you to write!


Let’s all welcome Crystal Kiroff, our newest member. Crystal states she wants to start writing for a living and is trying to get motivated, and has not yet picked a genre.

Crystal brings some considerable talent to the table if her “pop quiz” short story is any indication! She also gave some very good constructive criticism.

E-mail her a welcome and make sure to introduce yourselves when you arrive next time.


In preparation for our guest speaker the assignment is to read Finding the killer Idea by Tom Hyman and pick a group of three photos and threat them as a visual prompt (perhaps the cover art for the books in a trilogy.).

Think of a name for the trilogy, for each book or story in the trilogy and write a short paragraph describing the three story lines.

After the guest speaker is done there will be a question and answer session then  we will go over the assignment you bring with you.

I hope to see everyone there.

We talked a little about working with GBG Publishing on creating a deck of Prompt/Trigger Cards that would help writers’ groups like ours come up with challenging themes and prompts to write about.

If you would like to participate please write down some prompts or bring photographs as triggers.

Thanks to mark and Ruth who came up with the idea for the name of the deck.

There is a possibility we can turn this deck into a game as well!

Prompts are a sentence or a paragraph that is then used as an opening for a story.

Triggers are photographs that do the same thing.

Prompts must contain enough information to trigger an idea but, not enough to tell the whole story. For instance:  Alexia refused gifts and thought family events were like emergency-room visits, painful and preventable.

See what you can come up with!

This is a sample of what I am looking for in visual triggers and what I need you to come up with for the assignment:

Title suggestions for class assignments.

The Jellyfish Nebula

One hundred years of space exploration have passed and mankind finally realizes the truth. We are the only sapient species in our galaxy. Tales of alien beings with great knowledge, coming to save us from ourselves, have been greatly exaggerated. Earth Federation President Hau Ling must make a choice. Can she bring Earth into a new age of understanding so they can become the very beings they had hoped to find? Or will Earth try to destroy itself in a new struggle for dominance and power?

The Iguaçu Star

Intua was hired by Earth Federation President Hau Ling to take the first sleeper colonists from Earth to a planet rotating around the Iguaçu star, or so he thought. The  trip should have been uneventful. But, an unexpected discovery finds him looking for truths and examining his wholeness and waking the president from her sleeping status to face a tribunal for what she has done.

The Gegenschein Doorway

President Hau Ling  discovers Iguaçu, a perfect planet with perfect weather, lush vegetation and the perfect amount of water. The trouble is…. there are no animals! Then the exploration teams begin disappearing. The struggle to find answers before the recall has everyone on edge.