We have a new member: Anita Sullivan. Please welcome her aboard.
OK, that being said I am going to give you the gist of last night’s meeting for those that missed it.
Rhonda got a rejection letter and she and Ruth were comparing their rejections. Both seemed to be form letters but, there was quite a difference in them. (I guess that means Mark owes a pitcher of pop!)
I have a publisher offering to publish the anthology (OK Mark, crunch time!) so that means I buy pizza next month. Come hungry! 
Only one person was able to finish the assignment for this week so, it has been postponed until the 4th. To refresh your memory, See Assignments for April 4, 2010.

We discussed publishing: to self-publish or to submit to publishers. There are a lot of places that help you self-publish. However, when you self-publish you pay for the printing of the books up front and you are solely responsible for marketing. When you get a publisher interested they give you a percentage of the profit and the publisher shoulder the responsibility for printing. You make less than if you were selling directly, but they take all the risk. Anita has some e-mail addresses for self-publishing sites and ex-libris is also pretty good. This discussion came from a list that Anita brought with her, published in Science Digest (I think) on how to get published. hopefully we can get her to bring it with her next time so everyone can see it again. We will discuss it further.
We also talked about getting a name out will help publishers pick up manuscripts quicker. That involves on-line publishing (either on your own blog or with publishing companies that publish on line either exclusively or in conjunction with their periodicals) or getting articles published in periodicals or papers. If you are interested in more information let me know and I will have it ready on the 4th of April.
Mean while speaking of an on-line presence….I believe now is the time to have each of you begin a blog. I have chosen wordpress as the medium for this (go to www.wordpress.org and sign up for a blog account. It’s free) then send me your blog address when you have it done. This is a good place to put up assignments in case you cannot make it to Rough Writers, and show case what you are currently working on. It also begins to get your name out as a serious writer if you can post something at least once a week! I know that’s a tough one for those of us who work and have weddings coming up. But, I really think this will help you.
On that note: Rhonda also bought a magazine in I do not remember being in our magazine catalogue. It is actually part of a series of periodicals titled: True…
True Love, True Story, True Romance, True Experience, True Confessions, The Best of Secrets and Romance Special.  These are published by www.DorchesterPublishing.com who also publishes a series of Genre books. Some look mighty interesting reading. Rhonda if you could send me the main address I would appreciate it.
Rhonda also brought a book (OK I admit I forgot the name of it, you will have to ask her) that the author is writing a sequel to and is asking for submissions by May 1 this year. 500-1600 words, short stories about living in the mid-west (hint to Mark and Richard), and must be true stories. It pays $10-$20 per essay plus an author by-line and a free copy of the book. I could make this an assignment. I won’t but, it would be a great opportunity to say you have had something published in a book!
Send manuscript to:
Jean Tennant
Shapato publishing
PO Box 476
Everly, IA 51338