Only one person was able to finish the assignment for this week so, it has been postponed until the 4th. To refresh your memory, the assignment was to take a newspaper article, change one or two facts that would change the outcome of the story, then rewrite it. This assignment is meant to stretch your imagination. I used an example for those who were having trouble with this one:
Original: Lancaster, MI- Jean Harris aged 86 was admitted to St. Luke’s hospital in serious condition after being found on the floor of her home by her grandson, Jason Handley. It appears that she had taken intruders by surprise as they were looting her home and was beaten. Jason Handley is a peace officer with the Lancaster Police Force. The as yet unidentified assailants are suspected to be part of a ring of thieves targeting elderly.
Rewrite: Lancaster, MI- Lancaster Police Officer, Jason Handley became a hero when he stopped to visit his grandmother on his lunch hour, surprising intruders in her home. He was able to subdue the two would be thieves and possibly saved his grandmother’s life. The two are known to be part of a ring of thieves targeting elderly in their homes. Their arrest let to the arrest of a number of other members of the ring.
Please bring with you a copy of the original story as well as the rewrite.
Meanwhile I added a very, very short assignment for next time: If you had to give up your job today for an ideal job (becoming an author is not an option) and could have any job you wanted… what would you be. Please limit your account to two paragraphs, no run on sentences, etc.